YouTuber Turned His Bike Into Tron Motorcycle

YouTuber Turned His Bike Into Tron Motorcycle

YouTuber, who made a name for himself with his giant wheel scooter and invisible wheel bike videos before ‘The Q’, again modified a bike in an interesting way. The Q, which messes with the frame and wheels of the bike for a while, is a science fiction movie He got a bike that looks like it’s straight out of Tron: Legacy.

The Q separated the hub of the bike from the wheels after cutting and mowing. In the previous video, the hub was made transparent. This time the hub was completely eliminated.

Normally on bikes In order for the wheel to turn, it must be mounted on the hub.. Otherwise, the wheel cannot be connected to the bicycle frame so that it can rotate. In addition, the brakes of most bicycles are also located in these wheel hubs. That is, if you go and buy a wheel that is not supported by rods, without a hub, and attach it to your bike; impossible to ride the bike. But if you say, “I’ll take my tools and spend some time,” you might have a bike with wheels that look like they’re just made of tires.

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