Can-Am Elektrikli Yeniden Doğdu

Can-Am Elektrikli Yeniden Doğdu

In 1973, Can-Am motorcycles roared to victory and ignited a legacy. 50 years later, we’re taking charge of the future, bringing electricity to two wheels and excitement to a new generation. The new rebellion is coming.

The Can-Am Origin and Can-Am Pulse are the first two models of the Can-Am all-electric motorbike portfolio, which was just announced by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), the parent company of the Canadian three-wheeler maker Can-Am. BRP is altering the power dynamic and paving the way to a new generation of riders and electric vehicle fans as a result of the rising popularity of electric motorbikes.

can-am electric

Both models are driven by the brand-new Rotax E-POWER electric motor, which produces highway-worthy speeds with lots of horsepower and torque. Each model has its own unique design, ergonomics, and capabilities to meet diverse demands. Just in time for Can-Am to commemorate its 50th anniversary, BRP intends to release the complete specifications in August 2023. Can-Am also wants to introduce the new models by 2024. By visiting the official Can-Am website, which is linked below, customers can become involved in the community and be the first to learn when the next generation of motorcycles is ready to hit the road.

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