13 yaşında kendi motorunu yaptı


Haven ilk motosikletiyle 3 yaşında tanışmış ve o zamandan beri nasıl daha hızlı olabilirim diye düşünmüş. Bunu kendimde yapabilirim demiş ve ilk motosikletinin temellerinin düşüncesini kafasında planlamış.

Klasik bir çalışma alanı oluşturmuşlar ve bu Mark ile Haven’in fokus nooktaları olmuş. Haven kendilerine ait ilk el yapımı motorlarını yapmaya başlamış.

“Son, once you get those training wheels off,” Mark said, “I’ll buy you your first motorcycle.”

A day later, Haven could ride his first bicycle without training wheels. Soon, he was on a motorcycle…at three years old. “I just thought it was so cool that I could go so fast, and everything was a blur, and I got to do it myself,” Haven says. “I was really free, I think I always held on to that.”

All of the signs present in a typical workshop are here: work benches, welding supplies, spare parts, but the warehouse Mark and Haven live in has been the focal point of their relationship and projects. Now a teenager, Haven has been turning heads with his first few custom motorcycles—that he’s made all by himself.

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