The Most Common Mistakes by Electric Bicycle Users

The Most Common Mistakes by Electric Bicycle Users

The Most Common Mistakes by Electric Bicycle Users

Misuse of electric bicycles and the resulting negative experiences can alienate users from electric bicycles. We have compiled the most common mistakes made by users who have just started using electric bicycles.

1. Washing the bike with pressure water
Even if the parts of electric bicycles are designed to be resistant to water and rain, electronic parts can be easily affected by water contact when pressure washed with water.

Remove your battery before washing. You can wipe the battery with a wet cloth.
If you want to wash your bike with pressurized water, the motor driver (controller) and LCD screen, throttle, etc. Be careful not to spray pressurized water on the handlebar area where parts such as
Before starting again, make sure the bike is completely dry by placing it in the sun.

2. Low tire pressure
If you’re complaining that your bike’s range is getting shorter, it may be because of your tire pressure. You may not notice it because the engine is constantly assisting.

Correct tire pressure is just as important on electric bikes as it is in normal cycling.
Use your tire at the pressure values ​​indicated on the tire sidewall.
3. Ride like a motorcycle
Especially if you are using a bicycle with a throttle lever, over time you may forget that you are riding a bicycle and start using the bicycle like a motorcycle.

Since electric bikes are not designed for continuous use with the throttle, using it this way will cause your battery and geared motor systems to wear out more quickly.

Using it with pedal support during acceleration and climbing will extend the life of your bike.
4. Using the wrong gear
In electric bikes, users generally tend to use low cadence “with the effect of engine power”. (Low cadence = pedaling slowly)

If you want to benefit from your electric bike in a sporting sense, pay attention to pedaling in the right gear range and high cadence.
By lowering your gear and keeping your cadence high (pedaling fast) while accelerating or climbing steep slopes, you can both make more sportive effort and accelerate your blood circulation, as well as extend the life of your electric bike and battery.

5. Negligence and wrong interventions
Since the mechanical parts of bicycles are exposed, they are more exposed to external factors. (sun, rain, etc.) Even if the engine power carries you, it is important that you do not neglect the maintenance of mechanical parts such as gear chains.

Do not delay your mechanical maintenance
In hub motor bikes, it provides the engine rotation by taking power from the frame of the bike. When your tire is flat, you should put the engine in its place as before and tighten the nuts so that they do not loosen. Otherwise, the motor cable may be kinked or torn.

6. Misuse of electrical components
Lithium-ion batteries that remain idle for a long time may experience problems. Take care to use your bike at least once a month in order to avoid problems with your battery during the winter months or when you are not using it for a long time.
Do not store your bike’s battery fully charged or completely empty.
Salt water and moisture can damage the engine. After riding in heavy mud, wash the engine with pressure water (engine only!) and protect your bike from contact with salt water and soil.

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