Buz tutmuş göl üstünde giderken birden battı


KTM EXC buz tutmuş gölün üzerinde giderken aniden buz kırılıyor ve motorcu buzun içine gömülmeye başlıyor. Yardım edeneler olmasaydı kırılan buzun arasından hem motorcu hemde motor göle gömülebilirdi.

There’s nothing like a new dirt bike right off the showroom floor. This guy wasn’t satisfied with the cleanliness of his new KTM EXC and decided to take it for a deep cleaning as he attempted to pass over a slushy section of a frozen lake. He potentially could have gotten away with it had he carried a bit more speed and lifted the front wheel up, but the front tire ended up nose diving right into the crevice. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, he was able to drag the bike back onto solid ground and hopefully salvage the motorcycle with minimum damage to the motor. Listen up for the casual “You better go get dried off or you’re going to die.”

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